Thursday, August 21, 2014

Movement on the NY Suffrage Centennial Front

Well, after yesterday's post (a coincidence I'm sure) I received some interesting news- an ad hoc committee is forming of people interesting in the New York State Suffrage Centennial in 2017! So, I have been included in the email blast by my friend, & fellow suffrage devotee, Teri Gay. Right now it looks like there is a monthly conference call of like minded individuals. I will keep you updated on the progress, but if you are interested, please email Marguerite at to be included in the list.

Reblogging from Marguerite's Suffrage Wagon News Channel:


Envision a NYS suffrage centennial celebration in 2017

The first stage is the dream, and then comes the planning and reality of a New York State suffrage centennial celebration in 2017. The facts are being collected and the dreamers called into action. Every month I’m on a conference call with others who are stepping up to the plate in terms of making sure that New  York State celebrates its 2017 suffrage centennial, and by this, I mean, big time. There’s a great deal to celebrate, and of course, in 2017 I’ll pull out the stops in terms of telling suffrage tales of old. If you’re interested in working on a suffrage centennial ad hoc committee, let me know at suffragewagon at gmail dot com... click HERE to read the entire post.


No New York State suffrage centennial planning (yet): News notes and videos during “Hot Tea Month”

Suffrage film buffs in the UK are busy preparing to go into production for a suffrage movement major motion picture, “Suffragette,” in February. And the UK suff sit-com “Up the Women” has been pleasing audiences over the past year.

But what about your local community, your friends and associates who are itching to get started with suffrage centennial planning? In the US during 2014, Nevada and Montana have their centennials underway. And don’t forget the necessity of advance planning for the 2017 suffrage centennial for New York State... click HERE to read the entire post.

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