Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Keeping a diary- 2014 & 1936

Remember when I blogged about diaries & journals last year? (If you don't, I understand. Just click that link I put in 2 sentences ago & it will take you to the post.) Well, I have decided to get back to my diary with the help of my great-grandmother Irene Smith Dolton. I never knew her because she was born around 1880 & died a few years before I came into the world. Reading her diary is like a little glimpse into her life in Ludlowville (Town of Lansing), plus it has sparked conversations with my dad about his family.

But, you may be wondering how Irene is helping me get back on track with my diary. A few years ago, I thought it a great idea to post her diary entries in a blog. I had read another blog (which I can't seem to find now because there are many more out there) about a soldier in WWI. The ancestor was posting daily as if the soldier were writing them now. I thought I could do the same because I have one entire year, 1936, & no more. This would only be a year long commitment. So, now as I post one of Irene's entries every day, I then write in my diary. Hopefully, this will keep me on track for all of 2014 while I visit my great-grandmother in 1936.

Irene Smith Dolton's diary from 1936

If you are interested in reading the 1936 Dairy of Irene Smith Dolton, here is the link for the 1st entry. They are rather short, so have a glance.

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