Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Teaching US History in Unusual Ways

Long before companies like Honest Tea started putting quotes on their bottle caps, milk bottles came with history lessons.

I found these milk bottle tops in my grandmother's collection of stamps, first day covers, post cards & bicentennial memorabilia. I think they are neat & thought I would share for those people like my mom who actually remember these. But also for people like me & my daughter who have never seen them.

Milk bottle tabs- 1700s

Milk bottle tabs- 1800s

Of course, my favorite one is the 1920 Women's Suffrage Amendment tab below.  I have no idea what local dairies might have issued these. Any one out there remember?

Milk bottle tabs- 1900s

More on the history of milk in glass bottles.


  1. Wonderful collection of milk tops. I do just barely remember those milk jars. I think most areas had their very own dairy that would have supplied milk to the surrounding area. I still remember my grandmother getting milk and cream delivered. We lived in the country and a truck would come once a week.

    1. There were quite a few dairy farms in the area. Just a few left now, but one has started doing home milk delivery again!