Friday, March 15, 2013

Random Artifact Day

I have dubbed today "Random Artifact Day." This is mainly due to the fact that I had no idea what to blog about. Luckily my office is filled with really cool stuff.

C.M. Stevens clothes hanger

Like the clothes hanger. I told you it was random. As you can see from the close-up below, this clothes hanger is from C.M. Stevens, Greenwich, N.Y. The information on a sticky note I have since removed reads as follows... "1926- C.M. Stevens was a man's clothing store Later owned by Ray Dwyer Sr after Dwyer, Robert Pratt Now Karate training place 1/10/97 James F Catalfimo"

Looking in the 1966 Schuylerville-Greenwich phone book I have here in the office, I found this listing in the advertisement section...

Close-up of 1966 phone book- Pratt's Clothing Store

Pratt's Clothing Store was located at 109 Main St. & still in operation in 1966! In the 1970-1 phone book Pratt's is listed at 120 Main St & was still listed in the 1985-6 phone book. I will have to look through the binders complied by my predecessors & see if there is more information about this store. Feel free to comment here on on the Historian's Facebook page with any memories you might have!

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