Friday, February 8, 2013

Witches, Greenwich Style!

I've actually been thinking about this for some time, but a recent Facebook post by The Arts Center of the Capitol Region in Troy, NY kind of recharged my interest in the idea. They are doing an installation of fiberglass Uncle Sams! They should be up in Troy by April. I think Greenwich so do a public art installation of witches!

That got me wondering about all of the different installations of this kind throughout the world & whether anyone has done witches before. According to Wikipedia, no!

Zurich, Switzerland did an installation of Lions (the city's symbol) in 1986. Then Zurich did the original CowParade in 1998. Chicago copied it in 1999 & then it spread all over the world.

'Cow cooking with Milk' CowParade Rio de Janeiro 2007

Since 1998, animals have dominated. Everything from bears, gorillas, rhinos, toads, fish, pigs... Of course, Saratoga Springs, NY had Horses Saratoga Style in 2002 & 2007. Bennington, VT held Moosefest in 2005 & 2009.

Glens Falls, NY departed from the animal theme when they hosted Have a Seat in Glens Falls in 2011. Guitars, mermaids & tulips are some of the other non-animal projects. But, I think the weirdest ones are Brain Extravaganza in Bloomington, IN in 2012 & Go Superlambananas! in Liverpool, UK in 2008. Not to mention the concrete Rip Van Winkle's attempted downstate in 2011-12.

So, I think witches are a GREAT idea! They have never been done before, & the artists & artisans in our area would do an amazing job with them.

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