Thursday, December 6, 2012

Everlasting Lights 2012

OK, so I am blogging a little late tonight. (Or a little early this morning, a day late.) But I had e-mails to answer & my daughter was with me. (Sans math homework so it went better than last week, but I still wound up listening to One Direction, et al from her Ipod.)

Anyway, my daughter suggested I write about the Everlasting Lights. The trees looked so lovely in the dark tonight. We took a few pictures. The ceremony took place over the weekend with founder Elaine Kelly's brother, Larry Wilbur, reading the names of all the loved ones being remembered. Debi Craig played harp. Paula Sawyer, Brad Kelly & Marc Luther sang. Supervisor Idelman said a few words. Pastor McCaskill spoke. There are 45 trees this year. Take a stroll through The Commons and view them by day or night.

45 trees lit up in memoriam

slightly enhanced closeup of the 45 trees on display

Everlasting Lights 2012

& here is Sarah McLachlan singing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" (Lyrics by the late Kim Gannon, former Greenwich resident, but you know that already.) Happy Holidays!

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