Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary to me!

April 24, 2012 (aside from being my 38th birthday) marked the beginning of my 9th year as Public Historian for the Town of Greenwich. My office is just as chaotic as it was in 2003. I still have three filing systems fighting for dominance. There are boxes I have not explored the contents of.

So, has anything changed? Yes, I now have a computer that is pretty current. In 2003, the computer in my office was from when I graduated from high school (Saratoga Central Catholic, Class of '92). I have a printer/scanner that is quite handy for blog posts. There have been some new editions, like those great dry glass plate negatives (see 4/7/11 & 5/18/11 blog posts). I created this blog. I started a Facebook page, even though there are only 14 "likes" so far. I need 30 to start getting stats. It's a small goal...

Below is the Town Office Building on 2 Academy Street. It used to house the Washington County Home for Aged Women. The Town Historian's office is were the two bottom corner windows to the left of the porch are.

Washington County Home for Aged Women postcard
Oh, and on May 16th I will be at the Greenwich Seniors meeting. I will bring some of the ephemera and photographs along to see if anyone can help me pinpoint some locations and put names to faces.

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  1. That's Cool! I hope you get some good info from the Seniors! What a great idea and I bet it will be fun for you and them! Happy anniversary and I hope you get through some more of those boxes ;) I didnt realize you had a FB page, but I will go like it right now!