Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter postcards (& 'Like' us on Facebook!)

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. Here are the Easter postcards from Mary Moriarty's collection. I especially like the one with the Easter Bunny riding an egg carriage with another bunny & a chicken pulling like stagecoach horses!

sent to Miss Nellie Moriarty 30 March 1907

sent to Miss Mame A Moriety 12 April 1906

sent to Mary Moriarty 30 March 1907

address side of the postcard shown above

sent to Master Paul Moriarty 30 March 1907

another 1907 postcard for Mary from NYC

from Madeline to Mary in 1907

another card from the same hand as #3 above
&... I have finally gotten around to creating a Facebook page for Town of Greenwich History. Here is the link Come check it out. I'll add local history events to the Facebook page as I find out about them too!

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