Thursday, December 22, 2011

The end of December means...

You guessed it. The 2012 Gaylord catalog is here!

Wait... What did you think I was referring to?


Now, about the Gaylord catalog. The Archival catalog came last week, while the big book came this week. Today is the first time I've seen it because I only work at the Town Office building one day per week. Of course, I am looking at all of the things that do not fit in my budget. Well, that's most everything.

What I would really like to purchase one of these years is a display case. Whether wall mounted or free standing, a display case would allow me to create a small exhibition right here in the building. I could do a quarterly or biannual exhibit based on artifacts &/or documents regarding the Town of Greenwich. I might even be able to display collections of area citizens by means of a temporary loan. It would be nice since we don't have a museum in town (except the Rough & Ready Firehouse Museum which isn't open on a regular basis).

This fabric backed, wall mounted case* has a lock, and shelves that hold up to 20-25 lbs. each. Modestly priced at $570 + $59 for the mounting kit, it is still well beyond my budget. I think the mahogany, shown here, would be my finish of choice.

This Claridge Hinged Door Display Case^ is beautiful. But the mahogany one is $4,890!

So, instead of sugarplums, visions of display cases will be dancing in my head this holiday season. Is there a Santa Claus for historians & archivists?

Season's Greetings & Happy New Year!


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