Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's in a (baby) name?

While creating a workable database of birth records, I thought it might be interesting to see if the baby names in the Town & Village of Greenwich follow along with the popular baby names of the country... or if they diverge. Since I get sidetracked by helping the public (being a public historian, that's what I'm here for), my self-created research tends to get left under a pile of dust for months at a time. In an effort to jump-start this concept, I decided to add it here. Periodically, as time allows, I will add updates to this ongoing project.

Here goes...

The 20(ish) Most Popular Baby GIRL Names in Greenwich, NY 1881-1913*
 1.)  Mary
 2.)  Elizabeth
 3.)  Helen
 4.)  Florence
 5.)  Bertha
 6.)  Alice
 7.)  Ruth
 8.)  Anna, Blanche, Irene, Marion, Sarah
 9.)  Ethel
10.) Dorothy, Elsie, Margaret
11.) Edna, Ella, Frances, Jennie, Julia

The 20(ish) Most Popular Baby GIRL Names in USA 1881-1913^
 1.)  Mary
 2.)  Anna
 3.)  Helen
 4.)  Margaret
 5.)  Elizabeth
 6.)  Ruth
 7.)  Florence
 8.)  Ethel
 9.)  Alice
10.) Dorothy
11.) Marie
12.) Emma
13.) Lillian
14.) Mildred
15.) Edna
16.) Annie
17.) Grace
18.) Rose
19.) Frances
20.) Clara

* compiled from Town & Village of Greenwich birth records 1881-1913
^ comipled from data on the Social Security Administration website


  1. I am a bit surprised that Bertha made number 5! Your blog rules! You always have such interesting ideas and things to research! Awesome!